Norfolk at key coastal conference

A delegation from Norfolk will be at a high-profile international conference in Holland today to discuss coastal erosion.

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb, Happisburgh-based coastal campaigner Malcolm Kerby and University of East Anglia scientists Prof Tim O'Riordan and Jessica Milligan will attend the meeting at The Hague.

The conference - on "participatory planning and working with natural processes on the coast" - aims to highlight good practice in dealing with coastal erosion, as well as the role of local communities in decision-making.

It will feature various presentations, including one from the UEA staff on "changing national coastal policy through local engagement - a case study for North Norfolk".

Another paper to be presented is by Bill Parker, who is based in Suffolk and concerned mainly with the Alde and Ore estuary.

Other contributors will be travelling from as far afield as Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Mr Lamb said: "North Norfolk is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

"Sea-level rise and increased storminess increase the risks to coastal communities in Norfolk from flooding from the sea and from coastal erosion.

"This conference will discuss how we can adapt to and reduce these risks. It is very important that Norfolk is actively involved in this debate."

An underlying theme will be the role of local communities in developing appropriate solutions.