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Happisburgh Cliffs, July 1956

Betty and David Sharplin on the cliff top

WW2 Pillbox

This pill box was constructed on the clifftops during the Second World War, but was undermined by the sea in the 1970s and fell onto the beach. The pill box survived the fall, landing on its roof, and is a striking reminder of the impact of coastal erosion.

Happisburgh Handaxe 1

This flint handaxe was found on Happisburgh beach in 2000. The handaxe was discovered within a thick peaty deposit which was subsequently dated to around 700,000 years old.

For more information on this artefact see:

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Yacht on the beach

Happisburgh 2010

A selection of finds from Happisburgh beach - normally only seen in glass cases in the British Museum

Happisburgh 2010

Simon Parfitt of University College London reveals a perfectly formed fossilised pine cone found on Happisburgh Beach

Happisburgh 2010

Dr. Nick Ashton explaining about the worked flints found at Happisburgh

Happisburgh 2010

One of the trenches

Happisburgh 2010

Excavations on Happisburgh Beach

Happisburgh 2010

Tour of the 2010 archaeological dig at Happisburgh byt the Coastal Heritage group.