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Beached dolphin

It is fairly common to see seals close to the beach, but occasionally larger mammals are washed onto our beaches, very often at the end of their life. The Dolphin in this photograph died but our Lifeboat crew attempted to lead it back to deeper water hence the rope attached to it. It was removed and found to have died nom natural causes and old age, and should have been in the warmer waters of the Bay of Biscay.

Cedric Cox and lifebaot at Cart Gap

The Old Lifeboat House and Lookout

Launching the lifeboat with horses

Don Cox on board Viking

From 1951 until 1969, Don Cox was stationed at Happisburgh as a Coastguard. He had quite an affect on the village – was instrumental in rebuilding a ramp at Town Gap, teaching local children how to sail, and in getting an inshore lifeboat stationed at Happisburgh. He single handedly made several rescues, including a crashed aircraft.

David, Betty and Bill Sharplin, July 1956

Betty and Bill Sharplin, July 1956

Jo Sharplin, July 1956

Lowlight Foundations, July 1956